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Summer Fun for the Children
lovey_dorlaque wrote in moms_at_work
I'm planning summer events for my boys. They're only two and three years old, but I still think they can get bored being couped inside all summer. It's so hot here, though, so I have to plan trips that indoors after noon.
Most local zoos offer at least six free days per year. We're going on the next one to see if Houston's zoo has enough to offer to purchase the zoo pass. San Antonio's Sea World is two and a half hours away, so that will be a weekend getaway
We have lots of Children's Museums and such available to balance out those scorching hot days when walking around just won't cut it.
Home Depot offers a children's workshop on the first Saturday of every month from 9a.m. to 12p.m. This should be true of every Home Depot. Pretty cool, because all materials and even a free kiddie orange HD apron are free.
What are you planning this summer?

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Water Park / Spray Park (Free, walking distance, great day trip or short trip)

amusement park


Lot's of cheap/free fun things :P

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