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lovey_dorlaque wrote in moms_at_work
The hardest part of everyday is when I leave my sweeties each morning.  What do you do to make morning bye byes easier?

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For me, the hardest part is actually to get out of the door and get the kid to the car. My daughter loves her daycare, so usually (unless she's in a bad mood) there is no problem with leaving her. We have a routine once we get to daycare. We get in, put her things in her locker, she washes her hands and we hug and kiss and I say 'I love you' and then she's runs off.

Daddy is daycare. So,comparatively, my smallest prefers me. He's still nursing. The only way out for me is if I sneak out before they wake up. On mornings when I run late, I have a baby on the hip while I'm getting dressed including full face makeup.

My son is used to me being gone for short periods. Luckily for us, my husband is usually home with him when I am gone, so we only need part-time care. I think a routine is key, although I am no longer nursing?! That would be tough, for sure.

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