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Snuck in some bond time
lovey_dorlaque wrote in moms_at_work
I have two days off back to back this week.  It's not really a new thing, but I quit doing that to myself.  It's torture I would do everything the first day and the second day would just disappear.  The alternative is do nothing both days.  So for the past few weeks up until today, I took one random day off.  I procrastinated so much less.  I did things before and after work instead of saving added chores for my off day.  It really worked well.  I thought I was a big girl again able to handle two days off in a row.  Today, I took the boys to the bookstore and various errands.  We were together.  That's all that matters.  We got home after 5pm, so I spent the same amount of play together time I would have spent had I worked this day.   We spent it together so this is what really matters.  I didn't even realize how much they enjoyed it until I heard the wee one repeating things he heard me and brother say.  We all rolled over in laughter.  Another mother-sons bonding day. 
How do you fit bonding in on your off days and when you get off of work?  How much time do you set aside for play each day?

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I don't really set aside time for it, I just allow things to happen naturally. My son likes to help me make dinner, so we spend time doing that, and usually sneak in some silliness while it is cooking. Last night we played pretend before bed. We have a one child family, so I do make an effort to make play time, because besides friends, my son likes to play with us, or independently.

I don't schedule play time or plan it ahead of time. My daughter's realy good at playing by herself, but when she wants to be with me, she'll come and get me. We used to go to swimming classes every Saturday morning so that was mommy/daughter time.

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